Playing with Horses

This page serves merely as a reference page from other pages of my websites to point out the naivety and stupidity of human beings when with horses. In several articles I am pointing out that people today, mainly silly women, perceive horses as some big dogs, which this video presents, since the girl is literally playing with a horse and that even with a stallion while feeding it treats, as if it were dog. This also points out the sad fact that most young people, especially women of this new and progressive generation, never grew out of their animal cartoons mind set, hence all the humanizations of animals, as well as the lack of understanding of nature and the life within. In most cases there is simply no way to talk to people like that, until they learn the hard way.

Unfortunately most of this is caused by all the misinformation sharing mainly on the internet in all the humanization of animals, which leads not only to injuries in people but also very often to horses. And so as we say that "stupid is as stupid does, we also say that "harm to women comes from women".

Recently in the political arena appeared the phrase "war on women", which is of course as usual nothing but a political nonsense, not to mention one hardly needs a war on women as they manage to kill themselves off all by themselves, ironically, and that without any war, just buy them horses.

Women "love" horses, and the horses "love" them back.

This poor soul has no clue that she is totally annoying the stallion, which is more than obvious, and if the horse could speak he would more likely used up all the four-letter words during the "play". A woman can also learn here another thing, "when you think that you are kind to a man, you may be just plain and simply downright annoying to him", or to whatever you think you may love. "The same food does not taste the same to everyone"! "Know thyself" first, and only then you will know the other, who ever or whatever it may be.

Written by Ludvik K Stanek a.k.a Lee Stanek