Equine Controversies

Confrontation of dressage horse abuse and the abuse of horses in other disciplines.



Riding, Training & Horse Care Controversies and Horse Abuse

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    Please read the "Foreword" on the main page before reading any of the articles on this page or this website.
    The contents of this page deals with the wide spread of horse abuse in the riding and showing equine industry. 

     Articles published on this page are written in somewhat sharper tone, which will have tendencies to inflame emotions, hoping that once when the reader will calm down, he will review his actions regarding the horses. If a man is not a member of any society or a fan (admirer) of any discipline, he will more likely have an unbiased view.

   The corruption of our society can be seen in the way we treat horses and it reflects in the way we use them today. The articles below will show our decadence. Not in the order of preference and without any prejudice.




The decadence of horsemanship in the hands of women… new
Horse Abuse - Reason & Accountability  
The absurdity of high action or high stepping.

Horsemen, Horsemanship and Fools  
    Horse lovers and other fools, natural horsemanship and other hogwash. Some advice for the sane in the insane world of horse lovers and horse obsessed fanatics. 

Thoroughbred Racing (Article Coming Soon!)
    The leading cause of broke down horses in thoroughbred racing rest in the incompetence of riders and jockeys for which the trainer must compensate (drugs, hormones etc.). At one time, the fact was known among many riders in the racing industry, "only one out of ten horses needs the use of a whip to give his best", providing the jockey could ride. If you say it to the jockeys or the trainers today, you will be a laughing stock.

Olympic Games Equestrian Competition (Article Coming Soon)
    The Gold medal in the Equestrian Competition is the only one I can think of that can be utterly purchased; hence most people that win it have money. Man can drink, smoke, be old and wrinkled up as an old leather shoe, buy a good horse,  hire a good trainer - rider and win a gold medal amidst the young athletes. It is beyond me, why such person does not feel ludicrous in such environment and accomplishment among the young athletes. It is obvious that the Equestrian Discipline has very little to do with human athletics, while the fame driven individuals will often drive their horses to extremes. The whole concept is absurd! What is next,  an Olympics dog show?

4H  The mother of corruption
    So many 4H members see it and are complaining, but nothing seems to change. Just how corrupted are we, when we corrupt our children and give them a ribbon for it.

Equine Judges & Organizations "The parents of horse abuse.
    The influence of various equine organizations and their judges carries the greatest weight in what we do with horses today and is responsible for most of the horse abuse and misuse. Most people just don't know any better.

Dressage "Dressage Abuse" (related article "Dressage - Present State")
    Very confused and misunderstood style of riding today, which in its own principles contradict itself in the present situation. High corruption of the dressage society of wars and battles for names and recognitions. No Riders and insurmountable amount of "teachers".
Dressage – What is Dressage?  Origins, History, Present State, Perversion.
 What is it and where it came from.

Related Correspondence:
Dressage - There is not such thing today.

Reining   "The Insanity of Reining"
    One of the most abusive, cruel and senseless use of horses, on the rise during the nineties, the times of commercialism at its peak when everything is about money and fame. Reining and dressage have nothing in common in their basics, but today they do; they're both senseless, while the reining has nothing to do with the Old West uses of horses.


Eventing (Article coming soon)
    A senseless and brutal competitive hunt of human egos for names, reputation and recognition. Though it refers to its horses as the "Sport Horses" it has very little to do with the sport for humans, while it endangers the horses more than the riders. Very much confused and twisted principles of an old three day training test.


AQHA new
    While among the American Quarter horses can be found the best all around riding horses in the world today, the American Quarter Horse Association registry is one of the goofiest in the history of horsemanship.

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