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 Horsemanpro - Correspondence Page

     I am publishing some of my replies to people's previous correspondence hoping that it will help in better understanding of this site and its publications. People's names and sometimes the questions are removed to protect their privacy. Some replies may be slightly edited after sending for better understanding since they do not contain the questions or the material replied to.


Natural Balance Shoes (nonsense) new

Posting Trot

Learning How To Ride Horses 

Horse Athletes and Horse Lovers

Small Horses - Ponies 

Do horses like to work, compete or showing off?

Truning Out Horses  
Turn out or not to turn out, that is the question.

Balance and Collection - Confusion and Misunderstanding

Why Do Girls Love Horses…?

Shoeing Problems - OTTB 

Problems with the girth and saddle

Confusion and Affection


Regarding your horse's hooves/feet
To shoe or not to shoe, when and how.


Lateral flexing of the horse's neck - Natural Horsemanship 

Running Martingale - Curb Bit - Reply

My alleged sexist and homophobic remarks in my publications.  
After several feedbacks, similar to yours, I find it necessary to publish this reply to shed some light on the alleged sexist and homophobic remarks in my publications.

Finding a Dressage Instructor  
Still curious if you know of any trainers left alive who can teach dressage correctly. 

What are we to do?

"I would like to ask you how are normal everyday horse folk supposed to know how to do things right on a horse?"

Barefoot Idea
Natural hoof care and natural horsemanship 

Horses Don't Think - They Process
What the horse sees in a man.

Bonding With Horses - Mutual Respect  
Human emotions versus animal's reality

Language barrier in publications.

Seat & Pain
Problem with the deep seat and dealing with pain

Canter is not a gait! English terminology confusion.

About Me & My Writings
To love horses is to know them, in which case you should not own one, unless you think man should own a woman if he loves her.

Horsemanship Versus Reasoning
Any instructions on how to deal with horses are for most part false (lies). 

Dressage Perversion
Balance and collection confusion.

There is no such thing as dressage in existence anymore. The thing they call dressage should be in the "Special Olympics" for mentally challenged.

Dear Doctor
Dear doctor you are nothing but self-centered conceited prick.

The Backyard Horse People and Breeders 
The abuse of horses by the backyard horse people and breeders

Help With Navicular Injury 
There is no cure, it's about management.

Riding without a bit 
Dear reverent, a dressage without a bit?

Riding Aids - Cues
The difference between riding a horse and riding on the horse.

Reining and other Western Disciplines - Horse Shows
The nonsense and hypocrisy of related horse shows.


There is much more of it and when I will have the time it will be added.






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