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The truth and facts about horseshoeing, farriery and equine hoof care.



Farriery - Horse Shoeing, Hoof Care & Trimming

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    There are no new things in farriery only forgotten ones, because we have never learned them from the old masters who left no written records. A decent farrier grows better from experience like a soldier that grows better from each battle. There are many books and studies but every horse is different, as well as, his feet, and a farrier that listens to a veterinarian has no understanding of farriery. 



Squaring of Toes in Trimming & Shoeing new

Horse shoeing (general concept)  
Regular & Irregular Hoof/Conformation                  
Hoof Care in Young Foals  
Alternative Shoeing Of Foundered Hoof 1.  
Aligning the hoof parallels of the heel and toe.      


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