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The genuine and true knowledge is what you have lived, anything else is mere hearsay, or one could say data.

It is not the intent of this website to educate, inform, explain, preach or convince, hence you should not believe anything you read here. The primarily aim of the writings here is to enhance the reader's perceptiveness and self-awareness in life with horses. Who writes the articles is of little relevance, but what is written is, when perceived and understood, since the truth is self-evident and indifferent of the writer or speaker. Only fools take credit for merely writing or speaking the truth.

The truth is not a matter of so-called information that you have read or heard, but it is a matter of sight and awareness of what one lived. It does not come from theories, interpretations, opinions or beliefs, but those who see the truth within themselves can see and be aware of the reality everywhere they look and live.

Lies on the other hand exist, and are born, solely in a mind of a human, who because of his self interests, greed and fear cannot see who and what he is, and where he stands. Like a fish searching for water in the ocean is a fool searching for truth, while the perceptive man sees where he stands and who he is.

The truth is something that most people often avoid to see or hear, since it has the tendency to destroy dreams and romance, while in the process causes to many much pain and injured feelings. This of course does not pertain to a man who lives by the truth, to whom the truth is like a mirror revealing to him constantly his true state of mind, spirit, heart, body and soul, as much as the clear truth of his deeds and actions. The truth does not come with judgment; it is us humans that submit the reality to judgment, which is exactly what blinds us.

Where there is no true knowledge there is no genuine God-given wisdom, but knowledge alone can hardly deliver a man from stupidity anymore than his own intellect could, since knowledge without God-given wisdom brings forth only a confusion, chaos and destruction.

Stupidity rests in one's self-reliance on his intellect, for only the wise can see their own stupidity.
The blind build their own concepts of realities and logic on other man's knowledge, thinking and theories, while the perspicacious wise men see for themselves.

And so, as you hopefully can see, one's life is his teacher, and therefore in horsemanship or riding the horse is one's teacher. It is wise to adhere to the following quote, which should be kept in one's mind for the duration of his life. "Listen to a horseman in what not to do, and in what to do with a horse should come to you from the horse." Consider yourself a fool if you think or believe that you can learn anything about "how to" with horses by reading things here or anywhere on the Internet, or books, or even by listening to others.

The only way a greenhorn learns is by observing other experienced horsemen, while working with them and along side of them. Therefore, horsemanship, as well as riding, was learned and taught in the times of sanity exclusively via apprenticeship. And as the experience of the apprentice grows he learns how to learn from horses in what to do, in how to train, handle or care for each individual animal, while never forgetting or ignoring older horsemen in teaching him what not to do. Of course there remains the question of experience, because learning from experience does not rest solely on time spent or lived, or the amount of animals handled, but very much rests on one's intelligence, his ability to learn from that experience. There are many that claim to be experienced, often emphasizing the time spent with or around horses, while lacking the intelligence to gain or learn anything from life.


I must have said the following numerous times to people in the horse world, "Do not tell people that you've been around horses all your life (or 5 or 10 years or what not), you are making a genuine fool out of your self before any credible horseman. You are better off saying that you've been around horses only few months, in that way you at lest appear somewhat wiser, and that you may learn something one day. Words mean nothing to horsemen, they know in an instance what you are made of the minute you enter the presence of a horse, and if you open your mouth you will surely degrade your self, and when touching any of the horses in their care, without their request, you will surely be marked as an idiot. Remember that "In silence even the fool appears wise", but then again, "Judge no man until he speaks".

What have I learned from success? Nothing but humility.
What have I learned from failure? Everything else.

What is the difference between a loser and winner, being it a man or woman?

A loser grows worse and foolish from both, success or failure.
In failing he tends to get depressed and disappointed, loses confidence, while envy and bitterness often enter his heart clouding his mind and his judgment.
In success or victory his ego grows, his self-confidence explodes and pride floods his heart, and conceitedness blinds his mind; while often in this flame of glory he forgets his old friends, but when he loses he looks for them.

A winner grows better and wiser from both, victory and failure alike.
His failure awakes determination, endurance, understanding, and most of all courage to, realistically and without any bias, revise his conduct to insure improvement. It is a genuine learning experience for him that cannot be learned if not lived, as learning to such man is his life.

In victory he finds humility and contempt for compliments and vainglory, while pride is never present in such mind or heart, since only cowards trade honor for pride.

If you think you "love" your horse or call him your baby, friend and such, do yourself a favor and leave this website. This place is not for you, as you can rest assured you will leave this site bitter, especially if you are blinded by pride and or feminist prejudice, which not only clouds one's judgment but also his or her understanding. In short, you will have no clue what you are reading here.

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