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The truth and facts about riding horses. Riding Horses - Nature & Understanding.



Riding Horses - Nature & Understanding 

     The genuine and ultimate riding experience is truly and solely about a partnership founded in the truth of both hearts that can relate to one another in motion. This will never happen to you if you cannot see who you are or what the horse is, since mutual respect is where such riding starts from. If you think you "love" your horse or call him your baby, friend and such, do yourself a favor and leave this website.

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The Dressage Story new

The dynamics - The Forward Swing of Cadence  

Nosebands - Restrains

The Mechanics of the Curb Bit - Lever Bit
(The mechanical advantage - amplification of the hand aid)

Light Contact - Gentle Riding Aids - Dressage

Spurs and curb bits misuse, abuse.

Classical Dressage - Truth - Myths - Delusions

This article is somewhat longer, because it includes stories about my experiences in, and with, this madness called today the classical dressage.

Impulsion - Misunderstanding - Misinformation
This article will show the common misunderstanding of the concept impulsion in riding horses, which pretty much explains all the absurd riding and behavior on horses, especially in dressage.

Equestrian Term - Suspension
(Term Clarification)



The Seat

The Gaits

Riding Aids  

Equestrian Terms - Mechanics - Movement of Horses


  • The Saddle Dilemma.
     In the old days, the cavalry saddle came in only one size and shape, yet the horses didn't get sore or went lame despite the many days long marches. What's up with that?






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