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Training, Conditioning & Handling of Horses -  Horsemanship

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   Horsemanship = Decent handling and training of horses revolves around mutual respect between the animal and the man, which is founded in the suitable and speedy responding to one another. Horses do not respect slow and frightened animals anymore than slow and frightened people.

Horsemanship Training Horses

  • The Horse Training Age Criteria
  • Entrapment - Panic & Reaction
  • Horse Training - Foreword (coming soon)
  • Movement Of Horses (coming soon)
       It is the nature of horses to move safely and efficiently according to given situation and environment, which is determined by their individual physical and mental capacities. We "train" them by creating the situation, by manipulating the environment, by interfering with their movement, and hopefully within their mental and physical capacities.
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