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This page contains links to various online videos  with my comments to each


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This page contains links to various videos published online and with my comments to each.


These links below will take you to the videos of one of the oldest and the most difficult steeplechase race in the Czech Republic and the world, The Grand steeplechase of Pardubice (Velka Pardubicka). This race, as well as the course, is run only one time per year, and it is to some point a national tradition, sort of like the Derby Day here in the states. In the last few years, under the influence of sentimental women, the main jump named Taxis was lowered and the course made easier, but they also lowered the age of the animals eligibility to participate in that race from 7 years and up to 6 years and up. Talking about how much sense women make in this horse world. Here are the links, all except one in foreign language.

One of the last things in the horse world that still remains at least 70% authentic and genuine.

The History of the Grand steeplechase in Pardubice (not a video)


Presentation in English Velka Pardubice 2008 - full race (No longer the original jumps).

Velká Pardubická 1990 - Grand steeplechase in Pardubice. Full race - Old Taxis. (Most of the jumps since the 90ties were made easier/smaller, especially the fourth jump "Taxis") Here you can see the original size and the nature of the jumps.

Velká Pardubická 1991 - Grand steeplechase in Pardubice.Full race - Old Taxis (this horse won this race four times and in this race he actually fell and still won that race, still the old and more difficult jumps).


New and easier versions of this race today.

Velka Pardubicka - Grand steeplechase 119 10.11. 2009 720x576 TV quality 16:9 (for best results click "view full screen")

Velka Pardubicka 2007-  117th running of Grand steeplechase Pardubice 2007

Velka Pardubicka - 116th running of Grand steeplechase in Pardubice , 2006



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